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Doctor of Philosophy Program

Regional Development Strategies

Curriculum Update,2016

  • Doctor of Philosophy Program   Regional Development Strategies Curriculum Update, 2016.  It is the only course of Chiang Rai Rajabhat University.In direct teaching,it is open to all graduate students who want to develop their vision. The development of the profession and knowledge leads to career in various fields, Such as  Being a development executive or regional developer, Educational Manager, Academic  Researchers in the public, private and other sectors in the trade.  Investment and self-employment etc. 
  • Course management By experienced instructors Specialized by the faculty members.  And faculty members who are outside the university. By collaborating with various agencies and universities.It gives students a variety of theoretical experiences. Academic content include the experience directly from the study.  In particular, study visits to countries in the Greater Mekong Subregion and ASEAN countries.As a result, the students have the potential and knowledge to produce quality and academic theses in various fields.  This leads to the development of the community, the society, the nation, the desirable characteristics of the Doctor. The intent of this field. 
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